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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Drum grate RBS-DD
Septage Receiving Station RBS-SRS

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The compact system for automatic wastewater treatment: Proven dual drive concept without bearings and without a fixed rotating arm in the inlet area - efficient operation, easy maintenance.

Unique Selling Point

  • Bar Screen Cylinder with flow favorable bar profile
  • Independent drive for the cleaning element improves hydraulic performance and significantly minimizes the risk of clogging
  • Electrically monitored press area with cleaning opening for inspection and maintenance
  • Adjustable support feet for easy installation
  • Conveyor system or bagging device for hygienic disposal

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The Noggerath® Drum Grate Screen RBS-DD / RBS-SRS is a compact system for automatic wastewater treatment. Its proven dual drive concept and design without bearings and without a fixed rotating arm in the inlet area sets standards in industrial water treatment, seawater extraction and seawater desalination. Practice: The liquid flows into the fixed screen cylinder so that a continuous layer of solids builds up on its surface. When the fixed water level is reached, the collected solids are conveyed upwards by the rotating cleaning element and fall, supported by a spray bar, into the centrally arranged conveyor (screw/spiral). An additional cleaning comb in the discharge area removes all remaining residues. The rotating cleaning element and the conveyor rotate independently of each other.

The RBS-SRS is additionally equipped with a stainless steel tank with rotating washing nozzles to minimize biological growth. A stone trap with discharge screw is installed as an option.