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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Climber Screen­


Suitable for both coarse and fine screening, as either a front or back-raked screen, the Passavant® Climber Screen has proven successful for decades, especially in the area of wastewater application.


The Passavant® Climber Screen ensures efficient and reliable cleaning of the bar rack. The maintenance-free pin rack drive guarantees absolute synchronism and quiet running of the rake. The cleaner carriage is driven by a pair of cogwheels around a pin rack. The rake is steered by rollers running in a guide rail and a follower track. The rake performs a looping type movement as the cleaner carriage ascends and descends. Jamming and imprecise meshing of the comb plate is hence eliminated, vitally important to the cleaning efficiency with a small bar spacing. The defined meshing of the rake due to its own weight is intensified by the motor force improving the cleaning efficiency.


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