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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Spiral Compactor SCD

Transport, pressing and dewatering of screenings in wastewater treatment plants, and waste, residue and recyclable matter in industrial processes. The Noggerath® Spiral Compactor SCD with its centrepiece, the shaftless spiral, reliably transports, dewaters and compacts even problematic materials – e.g. containing fibres or sand – without clogging. Sizes, lengths and installation angles can optimally be tailored to meet individual site requirements.


The Noggerath® Spiral Compactor SCD consists of a shaftless spiral conveyor which leads into a compacting and dewatering zone. The solids are fed via a hopper into a U-shaped conveyor trough, where they are taken up by a conveyor spiral and transported further. The spiral leads to a wedge-wire cylinder with a gap widths of 1 mm, which serves as a dewatering screen. Supported by a spring-loaded back-pressure flap mounted at the outlet, the solids are formed into a friction plug and simultaneously compacted and dewatered.