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Cable-Operated Bar Screen COB &
Shut-Off Devices

South Jeddah, KSA


In the years 2012-2014 the construction of one of the largest deep pumping stations in Saudi Arabia in South Jeddah was scheduled. The two shafts have a diameter of 32 m and a depth of 40 m. In order to be able to remove the existing solids and debris in the wastewater, The pumping station requires a screening system for mechanical pre-treatment. In addition, a variety of shut-off devices are required to retain the wastewater. The existing product portfolio of the Aqseptence Group fits perfectly to the existing task and the requirements of the deep pumping station in South Jeddah.


For the new deep pumping station in South Jeddah, Aqseptence Group supplied a comprehensive package of shut-off devices consisting of a Passavant® Roller Penstock, 34 Passavant® Sluice Gates and 12 Passavant® Stop Plates, as well as 6 Passavant® Cable operated Bar Screens. The delivery package of the Aqseptence Group is an important component and basic requirement for the functionality of the deep pumping station. Over a period of years, the Aqseptence Group supplied and installed the products, thus laying the foundation stone for the new pumping station in South Jeddah.



Technical Data

Passavant® Cable-Operated Bar Screen COB-C

Channel width: 1.2 m

Grate height: 3,6 m

Gap width: 50 mm

Discharge height: 3039 mm

Installation angle: 90°

Material: 1.4404

Design: Compact



Passavant® Roller Penstock

Opening dimensions W x H: 3000 x 3000 mm

Pressure (on- /off-seating): 0.0 / 3.0 bar

Channel depth: 30 m



Passavant® Sluice Gate

Opening dimensions W x H: up to 3000 x 3500 mm

Pressure (on- /off-seating): 0.34 / 0.34 bar

Channel depth: 7.39 m



Passavant® Stop Plates

Opening dimensions W x H: up to 5500 x 3000 mm

Pressure (on- /off-seating): up to 0.4/ 0.4 bar

Channel depth: 7.39 m



Passavant® Cable-Operated Bar Screen COB-C

  • Rugged design
  • High cleaning capacity
  • Reliable grabbing of bulky screenings
  • Economic functioning
  • Equipped with liftable bar rack, so that the channel can be completely cleared


Passavant® Shut-Off devices

  • Stable and sustainable construction suitable for highest pressures
  • Roller penstock to minimize friction and ensure smooth running
  • Roller penstock equipped with a balancing valve / penstock, in order to be able to equalize the pressure
  • Actuators with EX-protection version, suitable for usage in explosive environments 


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