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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® MultiDisc® Travelling Water Screen

La Roche-de-Glun, France


The existing bar screen in the pumping station of La Roche-de-Glun (Department DrĂ´me (26) in the Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes region) had to be replaced by a modern and efficient filtration technology. The pumping station conveys water from the river Rhone, which is required for agricultural irrigation in one of the most renown plantations for apricots and wine in Europe.


March 2021


Successful replacement of the existing bar screen of a competitor by the Geiger® MultDisc® Travelling Water Screen during a short time-window prior to the irrigation season. After the ceiling opening of the existing structure was enlarged and the lateral guides were doweled on, the complete machine could be lifted into the structure in one piece for a fast commissioning.

Technical Data

1 Geiger® MultiDisc® Travelling Water Screen MDS 450

Flow Rate: 6,000 m3/h  
Source: River Water
Slot opening:  3 x 3 mm
Water depth:  5 m
Installation depth: 7.4 m
Radar Level Sensors

1 Control cabinet for fully automatic operation with PLC and usage of the existing spray water device


  • One single pass through the screening surface, the water does not need to pass through the mesh twice as in conventional travelling band screens
  • Lowest hydraulic pressure loss as a result
  • No carry-over of debris to the clean water side
  • Bottom sparger to minimise sedimentation in the channel
  • Low/Easy maintenance from outside possible
  • Fish-friendly buckets can be added without major changes on the screening machine

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