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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Continuous Belt Screen

Gärtringen, Germany

Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Abwasserzweckverband Hagegarten in Gärtringen, Germany


Since 1989, AZV Hagegarten had a Noggerath® brand Aquaguard (AG) Continuous Belt Screen in the inlet area of the wastewater treatment plant. After the screen had reliably performed its service for more than 30 years in 2020, the question arose as to whether it should be refurbished or replaced in order to meet today's wastewater technology requirements.
In close coordination with Mr. Berner (plant manager of AZV Hagegarten) and the Aqseptence Group, it was agreed to    replace the screen of the same type in a modernized design, since this type of screen had been convincing for decades with its reliability and performance.


The installation of a Noggerath® Continuous Belt Screen BS-XL, featuring in its new design the machine technology of the Noggerath® Continuous Belt Screen Aquaguard AG, proven for decades.

Since successful commissioning in April 2021, the machine has been running to the customer's fullest satisfaction.

Technical Data

Noggerath® Continuous Belt Screen BS-XL

Type: Nogco Guard XL 1000-2800-6

Max. Flow rate: 280 l/s

Screen mesh width: 6 mm

Channel depth H: 1,610 mm

Channel width W: 1,000 mm

Discharge height to channel bottom H1: 2,800 mm

Discharge height to channel top H2: 1,190 m


  • Very high discharge capacities of the screenings
  • No bearings in the submerged area
  • Low maintenance, robust and durable machine technology
  • Complete hygienic encapsulation

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