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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Noggerath® Drum Screen

Ujams, Namibia


The wastewater treatment plant in Ujams treats industrial wastewater with a low municipal content. A membrane bioreactor (MBR) is used as the biological treatment stage. Since this process is very sensitive to contaminants, a effective protective barrier must be installed upstream.
Fine screening with a drum microscreen (Passavant® CarbonExtract®) is suitable for this purpose.


To protect the membrane screening, pre-screening by means of the Passavant® CarbonExtract® process with the Noggerath® drum screen RSH-MG 1600x3000 was realized. In this microscreening, the wastewater flows through the screen drum from the inside to the outside, whereby debris adhere to the inner screen basket surface and are automatically removed by backwashing.


  • Compact mechanical pre-cleaning
  • Reliable removal of particles, suspended and fibrous matter
  • Optimal protection of sensitive membrane vitalisation

Technical Data

  Noggerath® Drum Screen
Type RSH-MG 1600 x 3000
Drum diameter 1600 mm
Drum length 3000 mm


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