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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Aqualogic®

Seonam, South Korea

Aqualogic® - Process optimization - made in Germany - Wastewater Treatment Plant Seonam, Seoul, Südkorea (5.6 Mio PE)


The Seonam wastewater treatment plant treats the wastewater of a large part of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is designed for a population of 5.6 million and will be modernized in several steps. The project has a total volume of approx. 1.3 billion dollars. The wastewater treatment plant is installed underground and includes a park above with an information and leisure centre. Most modern and high-performance components have been used for this conversion work.



In the first modernization step, two times six sewage lines will be renewed. The lines operate with upstream denitrification. By evaluating several ammonium/nitrate and oxygen measurements, the aeration, recirculation, and return sludge are controlled by Aqualogic®.

Technical Data

Passavant® Aqualogic®
(energy efficient control based on oxygen, ammonium and nitrate)

  • Module Recirculation
  • Module Return sludge control


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