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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Passavant® Mammutrotor®

Ochsenfurt, Germany (Südzucker Plant)


The wastewater treatment plant of the sugar refinery in Ochsenfurt has had three floating Mammutrotors® from the year 1973, which should be replaced due to heavy wear. After the refurbishment of the first aeration pond at the beginning of 2014, the second aeriation pond was equipped with new Mammutrotors®.

Two floating Mammutrotors® have been customized and installed for the project in order to refurbish one of the aeration ponds. The second aeration section was replaced with two floating Mammutrotors® with the length of 6 m instead of 7.5 m.


Since comissioning, the Mammutrotor have been running completely satisfying without significant problems.
The technical support provided by the Passavant-Geiger complies with the agreements therefore Südzucker could certify the Passavant-Geiger the required expertise, efficiency and reliability based to the aforementioned aeration ponds.


  • Particularly robust operational mode and long service life
  • Constant oxygenation over entire operation time
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible use regarding to automatic control strategies and cleaning objectives
  • No negative influence based on oxygenation by any sewage ingredients

Technical Data

  Passavant® Surface aerator Mammutrotor® Passavant® Surface aerator Mammutrotor®
Quantity 2 2
Type MR 1000-7.5 MR 1000-6.0
Nominal length of the rotor 7.5 m 6.0 m
Diameter 1000 mm 1000 mm
Propulsion 37 kW 30 kW
Rot. frequency 72 min-1 72 min-1
Oxygenation ≈ 67,5 kgO2/(h**rotor) (max. with guide baffle) ≈ 54 kgO2/(h**rotor) (max. with guide baffle)
Oxygen transfer efficiency ≈ 2 kgO2/kWh (max. with guide baffle) ≈ 2 kgO2/kWh (max. with guide baffle)
Features incl. steel bridge, floating bodies and installation in steel bridge incl. steel bridge, floating bodies and installation in steel bridge
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