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Cable-Operated Bar Screens COB &
Spiral Conveyor SF

Doha, Qatar

Replacement of 4 Multi-Rake Bar Screens with the Passavant® Cable-Operated Bar Screens in 32A PS in Doha, Qatar


Four Multi-Rake bar screens of a competitor were in operation in the pumping station PS 32A in Doha, Qatar at different locations. However, the operator was experiencing more and more differences with these screens for prolonged use. The Multi-Rake bar screens were not able to carry and lift the heavy items and bulky screenings such as wood, stones and metal parts from the bottom of the channel. The rakes were bent and the chain and the lower sprocket wheels was broken several times. Due to the significant depth of the pumping stations (12 m & 15 m), the repair work was always associated with an enormous amount of personnel. The Aqseptence Group has been asked for advice and for a quotation to provide reliable and robust screen capable of handling this application at large channel depths. The proven Passavant® COB-C was proposed and finally commissioned by the customer.


Additionally the two Multi-Rake Bar screens supplied at the lower pumpstation (LLPS) were replaced by two Passavant® COB-C screens using the existing conveyor and wash compactor. The other two Multi-Rake Bar competitor screens at the HLPS Multi-Rake Bar screen were replaced as well by two Passavant® COB-C screens and screw conveyor –SF 360. The whole equipment has been connected to the existing wash compactor. All level sensors and control panels were provided to ensure a fully automatically operation of the whole system. The new screens are running.

Technical Data

2 x Passavant® COB-C 1500 x 4500 x 50  @ LLPS-PS:

Maximum flow rate: 7,560 m³/h/screen

Channel width: 1,500 mm

Channel depth: 15,200 mm

Gap width: 50 mm

Bar rack height: 4,500 mm

Installations Angel: 80°

2 x Passavant® COB-C 1500 x 4600 x 50  @ HLPS-PS:

Maximum flow rate: 9,720 m³/h/screen

Channel width: 1,500  mm

Channel depth: 11,800 mm

Gap width: 50 mm

Bar rack height: 4,600 mm

Installations Angel: 80°

Noggerath® Spiral Conveyor  SF-360:

Throughput capacity: 5 m3/h

Trough width: 360 mm

Length: 6,800 mm  


  • Intelligent PLC control enables COB screen to remove even extremely bulky screenings or screenings deposits in front of  the screen by repeating the cleaning cycle from every position as often as necessary
  • No sprocket wheels within the submerged area
  • Slack-rope control for easy operation
  • All maintenance from above the water level

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