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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Multi-Rake Bar Screens

Hamburg, Germany

10 Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens with Wash Presses for the new headworks building of the Köhlbrandhöft WWTP in Hamburg, Germany


Increase in efficiency with simultaneously lower emissions has been the key driver for the new design of the headworks of the Köhlbrandhöft-North sewage treatment plant in Hamburg. Hamburg's municipal sewage company AöR planned a two- stage screening system including the screenings treatment for a maximum stormwater inflow of 9 m³/s with single redundancy (n+1 channels) in each case. The 5–channel inlet screening equipment has been fully encapsulated including the distribution channels and shut-off devices, thus avoiding odours.


After a construction period of two years, the new headworks building with 5 fine and 5 coarse screens, each as Passavant®/Geiger® KUR-C Multi-Rake Bar Screen was commissioned at the end of October 2020. These were designed as constant-flow screens with an angle of 75° which were installed in a channel completely lined with PE-HD. Both the coarse and fine screens were fitted with flow-favourable bar profiles in order to keep hydraulic losses as low as possible and thus to increase plant efficiency. Each screen has been equipped with a highly efficient combined conveying, washing and pressing screwpress with a downstream screenings shredder and a baffle for distribution. Troughed belt conveyors transport the screenings from the deflector flaps to the cross conveyors located inside the container building. For redundancy reasons, two conveyor belts are installed behind the coarse screens and two conveyor belts behind the fine screens. The entire construction was carried out in an encapsulated design with correspondingly adapted transitions, so that no emissions are to be expected along with the system.

Technical Data

5  x Coarse & 5 x Fine screens Passavant® Multi-Rake Bar Screens KUR-C:

Channel depth: 3,300 mm

Channel width: 2,000 mm

Bar spacing: 6 / 20 mm

Discharge height: 1,500 mm

Installations angle: 75 °

Material: 1.4571

Roller chains in duplex steel: 1.4462


10 x Noggerath® Screenings washing presses NWP 400

Drive power: 4 kW

Throughput capacity: 5.6 m³ /h


  • 10 x Penstocks
  • 6 x Sluice gates
  • 13 x Stop plates
  • Various ventilation pipes and conveying systems

Key Features

  • Completely hygiene-enclosed system
  • No chain wheels in the submerged area
  • Flow-favourable bar profiles
  • Short cleaning cycles due to the installation of 6 cleaning elements per machine
  • Maintenance-free roller chains made of duplex steel

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