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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Geiger® MultiDisc®

Waterford Nuclear Generation Station, USA

Situated at the Mississippi River, west of New Orleans - Louisiana, the Waterford Nuclear Generation Station has installed the Innovative Geiger® Screening Equipment.


Elimination of the debris carry-over effect (transport of trash to the clean water side that affects the efficiency of the condenser) by replacing the 8 existing Travelling Band Screens of through-flow type with new Geiger MultiDisc® Travelling Water Screens with zero carry-over effect.
Extremely fast on-site installation in existing civil structures due to short outage time.


Shipment of completely pre-assembled sections of the Geiger® MultiDisc® Travelling Water Screen machines on 40’ flat racks. The sections were quickly connected at the construction site to form the complete machine site and inserted into the concrete channels in one piece as per special request by the customer.

Technical Data

The seawater screening equipment consisted of the following:

Geiger MultiDisc® MDS 700 made of stainless steel
Flow Rate per Channel: 30,662 m³/h
Number of Channels: 8
Water Source: River Water

Key Features

  • One single pass through the screening surface, the water does not need to pass through the mesh twice as in conventional band screens
  • Lowest hydraulic pressure loss as a result
  • No carry-over of debris to the clean water side
  • Bottom sparger to minimise sedimentation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fish-friendly

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