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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Dinslaken, Germany

Passavant® Multi Rake Bar Screen

With the operator of the wastewater treatment plant Emschermündung in Dinslaken was agreed, to test the prototype of the Passavant® Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C under the toughest conditions on their site. The new developed KUR-C as coarse and fine screen is suitable for the reliable removal of large amounts of screenings.


The innovative development of Aqseptence Group GmbH, the Passavant┬« Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C, is subjected to a performance test


To the fullest satisfaction of the operator, the Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C coped different rain / thunderstorms and drought periods over the course of a year in the inlet of the sewage plan. Due to the open inlet (Emscher), the machine is additionally loaded with exceptional screenings, such as grass, foliage, etc., with a daily running time of 5 to 6 hours (during high water even in continuous operation).  The Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C runs for one year without disturb to the full satisfaction of the operator. Even after a year no wear was observed.
The operator 'Emschergenossenschaft' recommends the Passavant┬« Multi Rake Bar Screen KUR-C from Aqseptence Group GmbH

Key Features

Emscher Genossenschaft
LIPPE Verband
Turmstr. 44a
46539 Dinslaken

August 2013


  • Exact teeth meshing in the grating bya centering device
  • Automatic wiping device with wiping strip
  • Reversing operation for obstruction of the bar rack
  • Maintenance and low-wear operation by:
    - Individually replaceable sprocket teeth on the drive unit
    - Maintenance-free roller chain made of stainless steel
    - No submerged bearings
  • No dead space (deposits) in front of the bar rack when using curved bars

Technical Data

Max.flow:                                9000 l/s
Channel width:                      3300 mm
Length of bar rack:               3000 mm
Bar spacing:                            20 mm
Channel depth:                      4100 mm
Discharge height:                  1000 mm
Angle of inclination:            75 ┬░
Bar profile ÔÇô PAPRO
for bar spacing < 25 mm     40x8x4 mm

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