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Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Chengdu, China

Wastewater Treatment Plant (20 x 2,500 PE)

Aqualogic® - Process optimization made in Germany


For small settlement units (e.g. rural areas), decentralized sewage treatment plants are increasingly being built in China. Accordingly, high demands are made on operational safety and remote operation control.

Small catchment areas with high inlet fluctuations in combination with compact wastewater treatment plants - with low reactor volume - harm the operational stability. This is critical insofar as the cleaning requirements are very high and strict limits apply.





The container plants consist of an aeration tank and a downstream membrane stage.
The aeration (Passavant® Roeflex®) is operated intermittently via Passavant® Aqualogic® with the input variables oxygen and redox potential (focus: "maintenance-friendly"). Those container plants have a daily inflow of approx. 500 m3 and thus an expansion size of approx. 1,500-3,000 PE.
Despite the relatively small volumes, Passavant® Aqualogic® ensures safe plant operation in compliance with the strict limit values.


Technical Data

  • Passavant® Aqualogic®
    Control system for load-based control of the oxygen input with the input variables oxygen and redox potential
    Aeration pulses during the denitrification phase for the circulation of the activated sludge
    Load dependent precipitant dosage based on oxygen consumption


  • Passavant® Roeflex® Disc Diffusers




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